Strike in Finland affects freight traffic

updated 10.02.2023

Update on the impacts of Finnish labour disputes on freight traffic.


Several labour market disputes are still ongoing in Finland and the trade unions are giving notice of a strikes.


The dispute that mainly affects freight traffic is that of the Motor and Transport Industry Workers' Union AKT, which has not yet agreed with the employer party and has announced the following strikes if no new agreement is signed before 15.2.:

Stevedoring strike from 15.2. from 06.00 until further notice
Truck sector strike, from 15.2. 00.00 - 21.2. at 24.00
Strike in the tanker and petroleum products sector, from 15.2. 00.00 - 21.2. at 24.00
Terminal strike, from 15.2. 06.00 - 22.2. at 06.00


Ahola Transport's operations are not directly affected by AKT's possible strikes, but indirectly they might affect our operating environment. This can mean changes in the freight balances, disruptions during unloading and loading, as well as changes in ferry traffic. These factors may lead to longer lead times than normal.


Regarding other strikes, the Industrial Union has agreed with the employer side on a new agreement and the strikes they have announced have been canceled.


We will return with more information when we see how the situation develops.


Your contact person at Ahola Transport will be happy to help you with all questions regarding your deliveries.