The eco-friendly washing station in Naantali serves 24/7

In autumn 2021, we opened a completely new type of environmentally friendly heavy-duty transport washing station at our unit of Naantali. The station uses of a modern closed water recycling system that has brought water consumption to a minimum.


Ahola’s efforts towards a more environmentally friendly transport sector are not limited to reducing emissions. We make sustainable choices in many different sectors, from driving style and transport planning to significant investments.


The truck washing station at our Naantali unit is one example of the concrete measures towards a greener future. While washing a truck in a regular laundry takes up to 2,000 litres of clean water, with the help of a new Kärcher washing machine and a unique water recycling system, we have been able to reduce the amount of fresh water to about 200 litres per wash.


– This investment is a seamless continuation of our environmental program, in which we are constantly striving to improve our eco-efficiency. The payback period of the recycling system will be approximately two years, which makes this an excellent example of how the acquisition can be justified on both environmental and economic grounds, says Åke Nyblom, Managing Director at Ahola Transport.


Automation makes washing faster


In addition to the environmental aspect and good washing results, we emphasised speed when purchasing the washing machine. The highly automated washing machine recognizes the shape and length of the vehicle and starts an appropriate washing program.


– Normal maintenance washing lasts only 20 minutes, and the driver does not have to leave the cab. The washing station also operates uncrewed, making it easier to adjust the washing into the equipment schedule, says Alf Nyblom, Site Manager at the Naantali Unit.


Regular washing brings savings


Our trucks move almost every day of the year on the roads of Finland and Northern Europe, and they can be identified by their white and red colours. Trucks are washed at least every other week. Failure to wash them will not bring any savings financially, nor in the sense of the environment.


– With regular washing, the paintwork and tapings last their planned life cycle. Also, when trucks are washed often enough, less harsh chemicals are needed to remove dirt, Alf Nyblom explains.


The Naantali washing station has attracted wider interest. The laundry will later open for general use, serving other professional drivers.