Emissions reduction continued in 2021

Caring for the environment has been part of Ahola Group’s strategy since the mid-1990s. We are constantly working to improve our environmental profile and reduce our emissions. We were delighted to inform in the 2021 Environmental Report that we had met the EU’s emissions reduction targets for 2030, more than ten years ahead of schedule.


In 2021, we continued to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions compared to previous years. The share of bio-based fuels we use is now 25.3% in the Nordic countries and 17.6% in all market areas. 91% of our trucks in the Nordic countries and 79% in all markets are in the EURO 6 category.


The four main areas of development


Our main development areas of environmentally friendly transport services are:


– eco-driving

– operational efficiency and minimization of waste

– lower fuel consumption and higher payload

– carbon neutrality.


Our goal for 2022 is to continue improving these areas of development, research and develop new technologies and energy alternatives, and further develop the energy efficiency of our facilities.


The numeric target for 2022 is 27.39 grams of CO2e / t.km in road transport, which is 0.56 grams less than in 2021.


Rationalization of transport through digitalization


At the heart of Ahola’s environmental work are two tasks:


– We are constantly reducing our fuel consumption and emissions in relation to the quantity of transported freight.

– We will increase our co-workers’ insight into environmental issues.


Succeeding in our environmental goals is mainly due to our concept of dynamic logistics, where customers’ freight needs are the starting point for all routing. This allows us to shorten delivery times, minimize cargo handling, increase flexibility, and reduce emissions.


In other words, we drive more efficiently with fewer kilometers and at the same time serve our customers in the best possible way.


Read the full environmental report here: https://www.aholatransport.com/fi/materiaalipankki/