Ahola gained success in an international Eco-Driving Challenge

Nearly 80 Ahola drivers took part in the AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge. Ahola’s team won the eco-driving category with an index of 88.5.


The AddSecure Eco-Driving competition is based on AddSecure Eco-Driving Index.  AddSecure analyzes car data to see the exact impact of the driving behavior on fuel consumption.


Ahola has invested in economical driving since the 1990s. However, it has only become possible to compare the results with the help of the index. Ahola has participated in the AddSecure competition for many years in a row and has gained success in different categories each year.


– Thanks to the competition, we can now see where we are going compared to others. This is also a  an excellent way to raise drivers’ environmental awareness and influence attitudes. By joining the competition, everyone can play their part in reducing emissions, says Caj Björkskog, Ahola’s carrier responsible and eco-driving coach.


The eco-driving category measures several factors that contribute to emissions, such as driving speed, accelerations, braking and idling in relation to what would have been possible in each situation. Drivers have vehicle terminals in their cars that allow them to track readings in real-time. This encourages drivers to improve their results.


In addition to the AddSecure competition, Ahola has an ongoing internal competition for its drivers. Drivers receive their daily rankings, allowing them to compete against their own and others’ performances. The best drivers are rewarded. 


– Some of our drivers already reach the index 100. Nevertheless, we will continue to train our drivers and aim for even better results. In the next competition, we will further raise the bar and raise our overall index a few more notches, Björkskog promises.



AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge has three different categories:


  1. Largest CO2 savings
  2. Best Eco-Driving average
  3. Best improvement of eco-driving index


In 2021, 75 companies and nearly 11,000 drivers participated. The competition was able to reduce emissions 12,900 tons.