Green Kilometers – even more eco-friendly transportation


Ahola Transport’s Green Kilometers service enables companies to reduce the environmental impact of their deliveries in a clear, easily measurable way.


Our Green Kilometres add-on service makes use of renewable HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) biodiesel produced from 100% renewable raw materials, such as waste fats, residues and vegetable oils. Compared with conventional diesel fuel, HVO does not reduce vehicle performance, but it does cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 90%.

Up to 90% lower CO2 emissions

Our Green Wheels programme


The Ahola Group is committed to promoting the eco-friendliness of our transport operations. To translate our commitment into concrete action, we created our own Green Wheels programme, which consists of four sub-areas.


Digitalisation – Less driving with empty vehicles, higher capacity utilisation rate

Professional skills – Environmental awareness, ECO-driving, assistive driving technology

Optimised fleet – Lower fuel consumption, higher payload

Energy choices – Renewable and low-emission sources of energy


Get in touch, we are happy to tell you how to make your company’s transportation operations even more eco-friendly!