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Driving change starts in your own lane


Already in the 1990s, we discovered the power of digitalisation in optimising transports and reducing emissions. That is when our development work got off the ground – and there’s no end in sight. Curiosity and innovation continue to be our biggest driving force today.


Our digital solutions go with us all the way from the planning stage of the transport to its destination. We guarantee that your transport will reach its destination not only exceptionally quickly and flexibly but also in a way that preserves the environment.


We always look for the best solutions for each of our customers. If they cannot be found, we will develop them with you.

Solutions and services

Optimised road transports


We have created a model where the collection, main cargo and distribution of goods are a uniform process. Thanks to our dynamic driving management system, routes and equipment are specifically tailored to your transport needs. The route is planned and driven on the screen even before the truck has moved.


Instead of terminals, we operate on a truck-to-truck basis, allowing us to deliver directly from the sender to the recipients.

Our strong value base guides our operations

People, innovation and the environment are at the heart of Ahola's operations. The professional development and well-being of our employees is a matter of heart to us. As a company and as a family, we want to leave behind a better world than the one we were born into.

Overall responsibility

We agree on how things are done and do as agreed.


We talk to people, not about people. If we fail to keep our promise, we will inform all parties immediately.

Respect for the individual

Everyone is equal as a human being. We have different tasks, but the whole is made up of everyone's contribution. Everyone should be given the opportunity to succeed in their work.

We take care of you


We believe that working with us will make your job easier. Thanks to this, we have managed to establish long-term customer relationships, in which solutions are made together and with a far-sighted approach.


Processes are controlled and the handling of goods is minimized. Your transport will find its way to its destination cost-effectively and safely.


You always have a personal contact person. He or she coordinates transport assignments with you.


The responsible team ensures smooth transport. The team speaking your language will plan the transport and take care of it up to the recipient.


The customer portal will keep you updated. It will collect comprehensive data and statistics related to your transports. In addition, you can choose to track the transport in real time and share the tracking link with your own customer. 

Emissions will not be reduced with festive speeches


For us, responsibility is action. That is why we have reduced two-thirds of our emissions through digitalisation alone.


In addition to digitalisation, the development of processes, equipment and energy solutions, and the competence of personnel are of primary importance. For us, an undriven mile is the most environmentally friendly.


Our equipment is constantly evolving and we are looking for new ways to become more environmentally efficient. In addition to the decades-long Green Wheels programme, we are constantly open to new innovations.

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Let's build the road to the future of logistics together.

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