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Ahola Transport

Road transportation professional

Ahola Transport will deliver your freight punctually and as agreed. We are a modern, agile logistics partner whose dynamic and digital solutions create superior efficiency in transportation.


We assume full control over our customers’ material flows. In other words, Ahola Transport takes care of your goods from start to finish, according to the principle of continuous chain of responsibility.


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Effective transportation planning benefits both the customer and the environment


Ahola Transport plans its transportation routes to match the exact needs of the customers. Dynamic logistics and the Ahola Online concept allows us to offer our customers flexibility, a fast response and cost-efficiency. Our decades of experience in logistics has laid the groundwork for utilising digital solutions intelligently and effectively.


Responsibility We agree on what is to be done and we keep our promises. Openness We talk to people, not about them. If we can’t keep our promises, we immediately inform all parties concerned. Respect We believe in equality among all people. We all have different jobs, but the overall effort is the result of each and everyone’s contribution. Everyone should have the opportunity to succeed in their work.

Connections all over Europe

Our main markets are the Nordics, Baltics, Poland and other CEE countries. However, an extensive partner network expands Ahola Transport’s connections throughout Europe. We have a modern and eco-friendly fleet of roughly 500 vehicle units at our disposal.


The heart and soul of our services are the people in our family company. Their expertise enables them to both see the big picture and identify in advance the critical details of your transportation projects. Our customers really know who handles their logistics flows.

Ahola employs some 700 professionals

Our vision is to reach a leading position in the Northern European logistics markets by modernising traditional logistics and developing new digital services.

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