The goal is a further 5% reduction in carbon emissions compared to last year

The goal is a further 5% reduction in carbon emissions compared to last year

Reducing carbon emissions and being eco-friendly have been part of our company strategy since 1998.


In 2019, we managed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 59% compared to the 2005 statistics*. This far exceeds the 39% emission reduction target on the 2005 level proposed by the European Union for Finland.


We have also achieved the target emission reductions a full 10 years ahead of schedule as the EU’s deadline for the proposed target is 2030.


We are continuously developing measures to reduce our carbon emissions. This year we are aiming for a 5% reduction compared to last year, which will bring our overall reduction to 61 percentage points.


We have achieved our goals by taking action in all different areas of our environmental programme, which are:



Professional skills

Optimised equipment

Energy sources

Meeting emission targets possible through active efforts

The greatest impact on emission reduction has been achieved through digitalisation. We have invested in the development and usage of efficient tools and systems for planning and optimizing, this has enabled us to improve the utilization degree of our vehicles, as well as reducing empty driving. Drivers eco-driving skills have been developed by continuous training and coaching. We have invested in eco-friendly modern vehicles and efficient transport concepts, fuels from renewable energy sources have also played a role in reducing our carbon emissions.

“We have been investing in the development and use of digital systems and tools for a long time, and the development has been rapid in recent years. We are happy with the levels we have reached so far, but the work towards more environmentally friendly transports are continuing.” -Hans Ahola, CEO

* Calculations verified the University of Oulu and certified by DNV GL