The continuing strikes in Finland will affect freight traffic until 31.3

We have received questions from several of our customers regarding the ongoing strikes in Finland. SAK has announced that it will continue the strikes until the end of March. Despite the challenging situation, Ahola Transport can operate fairly normally.


As we have previously informed, these strikes will not directly affect Ahola Transport’s operations, but they will indirectly affect our operating environment. In practice, this can mean changes in the freight balances, disruptions in the ferry traffic, and delays during unloading and loading. These factors may lead to longer lead times than usual.


The availability of fuel has worried many. For the time being, there’s enough fuel, and as we are operating internationally, we can refuel our vehicles outside Finland’s borders if necessary.


We are monitoring the situation and will provide more information when we see how the situation develops.


Your contact person at Ahola Transport will be happy to help you with all questions related to your transports.