Colleague Portrait: Laura Ruokoja


If you call to info at Ahola Transport, you will most likely get to speak with Laura Ruokoja. She has worked at the info at the head office in Kokkola since 2010. Laura was born in Jyväskylä, raised in Tampere, Helsinki, Uusikaupunki and has also lived in Karjaa, Vaasa and Pietarsaari. Today Laura lives in Kokkola with her husband Jussi and their daughter Hilma, who turns two years this summer.
Laura likes it at Ahola Transport and her tasks at the info. She gets to help people and also usage for her language skills in Finnish, Swedish, English and a little bit of Estonian. All the nice colleagues at Ahola Transport make the workday more fun and she also appreciates all the great employee benefits the company offers.

Laura Ruokoja

Laura returned from her maternity leave at the year-end. The time before the returning there were comments about how great it will be when Laura is back, then you can hear her laughter again. Laura is a ray of sunshine at work both for her sincere laughter and for her ever positive attitude. When she returned to work, the infodesk had been renewed. The place had been renovated, it was lighter, stylish and in the same colors as our trailers, red and white. Ahola Transport had also started using a new telephone system, the company Benemen’s callcenter solution, BeneDesk. After the start with the new telephone system the amount of incoming calls has been reduced at the switchboard of the info. The calls are in a more efficient way automatically transferred to caller groups in the organization. The switchboard has in general 100 incoming calls daily. BeneDesk also provides statistics about the average length, 33 seconds, and that over 98% of the incoming calls to the info are answered.

Among the 100 incoming calls Laura gets some recurring questions. Customers wondering when their goods will be unloaded or wanting to make another order. It can also be drivers asking about upcoming tasks on their workday. To be asked similar questions on a daily basis is also nice and Laura gladly helps by connecting calls to the right person in the company. In between there are also completely new questions that demand a smaller investigation and they make the days more interesting. Then there are things you only learn by working, for instance where a Finnish driver actually is when he claims he’s empty in “Ping Pong”. That means that he has been unloading his cargo and stands without a load in the Swedish city Finspång.

Infodesk at the headoffice in Kokkola