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Digital solutions and electronical transport bookings

Ahola Transport is in the middle of a developing phase where the main focus is in digital solutions. An important part of this development is to increase the amount of electronical transport bookings. The handling of an electronical transport booking is more efficient, of higher quality and enables at the same time other digital services.
Today Ahola Transport has integrations to following TA-System:

Unifaun Web-TA (Memnon)
Unifaun Online

The most of the ERP-systems have a connection to some of these TA-system. As a customer you have the possibility to choose between any of the above mentioned TA-systems to get started with electronical bookings. The majority of our customers already book electronically. We are grateful of that, and we look forward to even further develop digital services together.
If you still book manually (e-mail, phone, fax), please see below for some hints of how to proceed in the process towards electronical bookings.

-Check if Your ERP-system has a connection to some of above mentioned TA-systems. If that is the case You have great opportunity for electonical bookings. Please contact Your IT support or the supplier of the ERP system to proceed in the process

-Are you already using some of the above mentioned TA System when making transport bookings. Ahola Transport is selectable as a carrier for the transport. To proceed You usually need an account number to be able to book a transport, please contact us in this matter

If You are not yet using any TA-system, contact us and we will figure out the best solution for You to book electronically