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Jonas Eriksson's work title is transport planner, even though logistics optimiser would be a more logical and descriptive one. Among other things, the task involves minimising the effects of bottle-necks – which in turn is also known as sea transport from Finland to Sweden. A chat with the planner Jonas makes a very difficult sudoku in a tabloid seem easy by comparison.

The ancient sea route which connected the Eastern realms with other parts of Sweden for centuries, today poses a strategic challenge for the Online Concept. Jonas and his colleagues daily solve the big and constant equation which applies to the versatile flow of goods arriving from various parts of Finland to the Naantali transport link. Reloading takes place based on several different requirements and priorisations. In addition, practical delivery order (all the goods do not go to the same address) needs to be considered, and the same applies to time restrictions (everything and everybody are in a hurry).

Customer focus is naturally a matter-of-course for this 35 years old family man and former salesman who joined Ahola in July 2009. In logistics business, with every commission there are in principle always two customers, the sender and the receiver. Jonas's area of responsibility covers primarily co-operating with the Sweden based receiving customer. This requires, in the name of 24-hour total accessibility, the effective utilisation of modern technology - not least that of Ahola's own Attracs - and constant interactive co-operation with colleagues: the driver on the road or aboard a ship and the planner who created the transport reservation. The qualities of transported goods vary and increase the difficulty factor; it might be a case of letter or a steel roll weighing 28 tons, to different receivers, naturally.

The following case is a typical example of the optimal application of the Online Concept: On Tuesday morning, the transport planner received a question, whether an industrial object, which would be completed in Kirkkonummi at 3 PM, could be delivered in Helsingborg by the following day. The answer was: ”Yes” and the delivery took place at 4:30 PM the following day. – An easy job, the sudoku, that is.