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One Contact Person

The functionality of the Online Concept is tested successfully every day in various situations, for example when Anna Käldman serves a customer via direct contact. The valuable operation principle of a single contact person is based on a very simple idea: with every commission, the company has one person's face and voice, no matter what happens.

Anna's career with Ahola started approximately 20 years ago; Hans Ahola recruited the fresh business and administration vocational graduate, with the aid and backing of the commercial school's faculty. Various duties - e.g. in the phone exchange and billing - contributed towards developing good and versatile professional skills and a broad knowledge of the company and its operations. Anna works for second year as Customer Care Specialist in the transport planning team, which is a key position; she is the contact person, the human link between the customer and the logistics machinery.

Anna serves Ahola's customers in an area which covers the regions of Ostrobothnia and Northern Finland. As the contact person, she takes orders from clients and monitors the status of the dynamic transport fleet; thanks to the Online Concept, there is a truck nearby ready for the following loading task, or at the very least will be soon ready. In co-operation with other members of the transport planning team, Anna optimizes the flow of the goods into Naantali for sea transport into Sweden and possibly further onwards to the continent. In some cases the truck and its cargo is directed over the Gulf of Bothnia from Vaasa or by road via Tornio. In any case, it is a process with many stages which involves several operators. The sender of goods needs not to worry, however; the transport planning team is always reachable and constantly aware of where the cargo is and when it will arrive.
– Customer satisfaction comes from certainty; a well-planned and skilfully controlled is already halfway delivered.