Elgiganten Logistik Ab

Home electronics logistics – commitment with responsibility

Elgiganten Ab is a home electronics chain whose affiliate, Elgiganten Logistik Ab, located in Jönköping, is in charge of the distribution of the company’s products. The company carried out a restructuring of its transport supplier network, and the accompanying procurement procedure resulted in collaboration with Ahola Transport in May 2015.

Any company involved in transporting Elgiganten’s products must have a proven track record of fulfilling all quality requirements, which include the technical side of transportation as well as procedures based on corporate social responsibility and commitment.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Global business operations that involve partners in various countries and cultures may raise difficult questions about procedures based on the prevailing values and legislation of the company’s home country. Any company transporting Elgiganten’s products must comply with the Nordic collective agreements and regulations in terms of work and pay conditions. According to Elgiganten Logistik AB’s Senior Logistic Manager Jimmy Olofsson, shared values relating to corporate social responsibility is one of the key factors in the collaboration with Ahola Transport.


It is not just a question of buying and selling transport services, but it is also about interactive cooperation based on integrity, the principle of ‘saying it how it is’ even when not everything is going according to plan. Commitment means flexibility; it refers to a willingness and ability to improve operations through innovative solutions. Trust, particularly at a personal level, characterises the relationship between Elgiganten Logistik AB and Ahola. Every transport project is a multi-phase operation and usually requires communication across country borders, currencies and time zones as well as outside office hours. Jimmy Olofsson thinks that Ahola lives up to its reputation: always available, always online – even in difficult situations.

Rapid growth

Ahola transports home electronics to the company’s 40 or so Gigantti stores in Finland. When the collaboration began in May 2015, there were three or four deliveries per day. This soon changed, and now that Ahola has the overall responsibility for Elgiganten’s deliveries to Finland, there are 13 to 14 deliveries every day.