Quality & Environment

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In order to ensure constant development, Ahola Transport has taken into use an integrated management system for our quality- and environment work. The development of quality and environment is a natural part of our daily business.

The aim of our quality- and environment work is to keep the promised commitments towards our customers and co-operating partners. By accomplishing the promises we can reach our goal to create added value to our customers. We constantly develop our working methods in order to be able to response to the changing requirements of our customers also in the future.

An efficient transport concept is an important part of our activity. We want to be the most efficient alternative to our customers' transportation and logistical needs. By comprehensively taking care of the needs of the customers we assure competitiveness and profitability.


Since many years Ahola Transport has been using a quality system that is elaborated according to the ISO 9001:1994 standard. As a natural part of our continuous development work in the management system, that covers all the operations, we have updated - in the beginning of the year 2004 - our quality system to correspond the renewed ISO 9001:2000 standard. Our quality system is certified by Det Norske Veritas.



Ahola Transport received an environment certificate year 2002. The most important focus areas of our environmental work are to increase the filling degree, deduct the fuel consumption and extend the knowledge of the co-operation partners in environmental issues.

Every year Ahola Transport publishes an environmental report, which clarifies how well we have reached the set goals.


Ahola Transport in brief:

  • A family business with a long tradition in the transportation sector
  • Expert in business-to-business transports for the industry and the trade
  • More than 300 trailers
  • Own facilities in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Poland

Types of services:

  • Direct road transport
  • Express transport
  • Special transport
  • Vehicle Transport
  • Shuttle Service
We transport:
  • Pallets
  • Packaged Goods
  • Special goods
  • Full loads / Part loads


Our fleet is:

  • Modern and efficient
  • Customized for industrial transports
  • loadable through the roof or from the side

International transports to/from:

Nordic countries:
Baltic states:

Czech Republic