A family business

Ahola Transport as a family business is eager to strive for continuity. Through more than 50 years of Ahola Transport's history, development has always gone hand in hand with continuity and stability. Today the company is developed further, but the core, consisting of our values and vision is maintained.Bröderna Ahola - Ahola Transport 50 år

Our core values, General Liability (we do as we have agreed) Transparency (You're always welcome to talk about things) and Respect for the individual (all people have the same value) stands up over time, while the rest of our operations should be developed based on the needs of our customers. Our vision is to be a leading carrier in terms of creating added value and efficiency for our customers. It is an ambitious goal that we have agreed on within the company, that we wish that you should notice when being in contact with us.

We believe that you also appreciate in the future that we continue to work based on our values and vision. The result will not come by itself, but we are each and every day depended on winning your trust. And when we fail, it is essential that you let us know about it so we can respond. Feel free to get in touch with us with your comments!


Ahola Transport in brief:

  • A family business with a long tradition in the transportation sector
  • Expert in business-to-business transports for the industry and the trade
  • More than 300 trailers
  • Own facilities in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Poland

Types of services:

  • Direct road transport
  • Express transport
  • Special transport
  • Vehicle Transport
  • Shuttle Service
We transport:
  • Pallets
  • Packaged Goods
  • Special goods
  • Full loads / Part loads


Our fleet is:

  • Modern and efficient
  • Customized for industrial transports
  • loadable through the roof or from the side

International transports to/from:

Nordic countries:
Baltic states:

Czech Republic